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As I've been recently reflecting on what makes a worship leader thrive and grow, I decided to list 3 "Must Have's" for a worship leader. If we master these 3 foundational steps, we'll be well on our way to creating great God moments in our services.

1. Passion for God and His Presence - With the rise of the worship music culture, It’s easy to stuff “worship” in the confines of a genre, however, it’s from the heart of an individual who has been with Jesus that the power to connect God and song comes easily. Let's make a commitment to know HIM! That's why we are here!

2. Passion for God’s People - If we find ourselves having the desire ONLY for people to hear us sing and play, we're missing a precious opportunity to see others connect with God. Our desire needs to be that peoples hearts would burn for more of Him. We direct them to His goodness and healing, always being cautious to not take glory for the moments that are created.

3. Passion for God’s Word - Worship leaders are not simply leading songs, we are Pastoring people through an experience with God, through music. We need to remain FULL of HIS word in order to speak only TRUTH through our songs.

Lets change the world!